Powered by cryptocurrency, the future of the internet: Web3 will be more fair and equitable, owned by the builders, creators and users. You.

We believe it is your basic right to control your money, data and identity.



Accelerate the world’s transition to Secure cryptocurrency Wallets.


Reaching the next Millions users with the world’s best partners.

Leadership Team

Our team consists of renowned experts in finance, marketing, blockchain technology, trading, and the law. They are the most motivated and enthusiastic professionals, and they are always glad to offer assistance when needed.


Co-Founder & CEO




Senior Software Engineer

Najeeb abu alroub

Mobile Application Developer

jim silvers


loreta cruz



EVP, Head of Trading

Leslie Kirkpatrick

Mrweb Finance CTO

Our Values

Think Clearly
Be Resourceful
Stay Determined
Dream Big
Take Ownership and Be Decisive
Remain Humble
We consider clarity of thought to be the single most important trait we look for in our colleagues We think about the message we want to deliver before we speak, and know what is important and what is not We are concise and articulate, putting effort into making things simple and easy to understand We go beyond the surface to gain a deep understanding of every issue We always find a way to get things done with what’s available, but we are not shy about asking for help when it’s needed We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, regardless of seniority and experience We never give up, carry each other through hard times, and recognise grit in our colleagues We understand that building a world-changing company is a monumental task, but we love every minute of it We celebrate milestones together, recharge, and get back to work We think big, take smart risks, and do things that have never been done before We are not afraid to make tough choices that align with our long-term objectives We know that it always seems impossible until it’s done We are all empowered to take initiative, make the right decisions, and act as owners We are committed to protecting our company culture and seek to bring in the best people we’ve ever worked with We aim to surprise and inspire with the quality and speed of our decision-making We don’t seek the limelight and focus on doing what is best for the company and the users We leave our egos at the door and learn from our mistakes, knowing that we are always stronger as a team We think twice before spending, but are aggressive when it comes to investing in what matters